We provide creative solutions to demanding software applications.

"Exciting Tokyo creative studio bringing a thoughtful mix of Global and Japan insight"
Senior Technical Account Manager Google Stadia

Software Development

Leveraging over a decade of creative experience for your next project.

We support you when your company needs a dependable software solution.

Procedural Graphics

Providing customizable assets for your game and promotional material.

We support you when you need a dependable partner to deliver assets to your specifications.

Project Management

Managing teams collaborating and on-time delivery of software projects.

We support you when your company needs to deliver on time.

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Why Us

We are the right partner because...

A partner requires Trust, Expertise, and Commitment. We focus on these values to bring you a solution tailored to your needs. 

Reassuring Quality

We deliver results you can measure, and build a way ahead for you to thrive with your own strengths.

About Us

Digital development experts at the heart of Tokyo.

We are the decisive factor behind your success

We have been making engaging software applications for over 10 years, in one of the select few studios bridging the gap between Japan and the world. We have the experience of working on some of the most iconic mobile applications, and look forward to bring that expertise to you. 

Our passion is providing creative solutions that utilize the latest research in Procedural Generation, Large Language Models, User Motivation, and Interactive Design.