What We

Brand Marketing

AR App Development

Innovative Strategies

Go beyond the standard in AR Applications and design for your users. Incorporate product subscriptions and interesting minigames to keep your customers engaged.

Portfolio Architecture

Upgrade your full range of products with AR interaction. Make each item in your portfolio stand out from the competition in a uniquely creative way.


Communicate what is the true value of your product accurately and gain the appreciation of your audience. You always give your best to make the highest quality products, so get the recognition you deserve!

Digital Experience

Game Development

Fully Browser-Based Games

Utilize the power of instant gaming anywhere, with any device.

PC Native Applications

We provide end-to-end game development for PC, leveraging a decade of game design experience . We meet your needs for flexible large scale development with the latest Procedural Generation technology.

iOS/Android Mobile Apps

We help you set your business apart from the competition with original game concepts that incorporate AR functionality, endless game content, and more!

Key Insights

IT Consulting

Business Solutions

We provide trusted pinpoint support with your business needs it. We help you bridge the gap between technical, creative, and other disciplines within your company.

Whether you are planning your future expansion or searching for ways to optimize your process, we have have a customized solution for you.

Interaction and Culturalization Insights

Find out early if your next product is set up for success. Consult our trusted experts about your digital project, or your business strategy in Japan.